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ESQHA Trail Riding Program

The purpose of the ESQHA Trail Riding Program is to recognize ESQHA members who use their Quarter Horses for trail riding.

  1. Horse must be a registered Quarter Horse.
  2. Ages will be computed as of January 1 of the qualifying year.
  3. Open to all ESQHA members. ESQHYA membership alone does not qualify.
  4. Hours are kept on individual rider, not horse/rider team. All hours logged from 11/1 of previous year to 10/31 of current year will count towards the Year End Award. However, all hours logged will count towards continuum awards.
  5. Only ESQHA log sheets will be accepted.
  6. Log sheets must be sent to: Kathy Stoll, 2323 Whitaker Rd, Forestville, New York 14062 and must be postmarked no later than 10/31 of the qualifying year for Year End Awards.
  7. It is the responsibility of the participant to complete the log form accurately and completely.
  8. Download a blank log Sheet now.

ALL AGE ( encompasses all previous age divisions into one category) NOTE: This age division is a change starting with 2004.

Year-End High Point and Reserve (based on hours from 11/1 - 10/31)

  • Bronze Award (must accumulate 75 hours of trail riding)
  • Silver Award (must accumulate 175 hours of trail riding)
  • Gold Award (must accumulate 350 hours of trail riding)
  • Supreme Award (must accumulate 1000 hours of trail riding)

These awards are cumulative. You may take as many years as you wish to work up to the different award levels. Participants must maintain their ESQHA membership for the hours to count. Year End Awards are given at the annual ESQHA Awards Banquet and Convention. Cumulative Awards will be given as they are achieved.

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